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Greetings from Sicily!

Laura Massoni

This is what I would have wrote this week but due to some unexpected circumstances I have to cancel my trip and stay home! SICILY HAS TO WAIT!!!

I was really looking forward to fly into Palermo, Punta Raisi airport and see with my own eyes how this well known airport in our San Diego’s Italian community looks like.

A lot of my Sicilian clients tell me that it is far away from the city and not very convenient for those early flights out to Rome or Milan, a necessary stop to come back to the United States. (more…)

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Save the Date – Thursday May 5, 2011

Very rarely do good opportunities to relieve suffering come by.
This is one of them.

Il Sogno di Puglia

Two institutions with great expertise are working together to help patients with cancer go through their difficult journey. The Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice is a world-famous institution with a successful international program training medical professionals in the field of palliative medicine; the Department of Oncology at the Ospedale Perrino, Brindisi, Puglia is one of the best Oncology units in the south of Italy. Dr. Giovanni Elia, Clinical Medical Director at the Institute for Palliative Medicine, was born and raised in Puglia and in the past few years has been working with Dr. Cinieri to educate physicians about the care of patients with cancer and other serious illnesses. Each year, Dr. Elia returns to Puglia and provides lectures or courses. Dr. Cinieri and Dr. Elia have realized that much more could be done for the people of Puglia if physicians could come to San Diego to be trained for an extended period of time and with hands-on experience with patients. The dream, il sogno, is an international program of exchange of knowledge and expertise with the intent to improve the lives of the seriously ill in Puglia. Two doctors alone cannot make this happen. Only the will, the passion and the love of a community can make this dream a reality; and the community is the vibrant and generous Italian people in San Diego.

We hope you will join us for an evening of :

  • Reception Wine and cheese
  • Art exposition of paintings and pictures of Venice by our San Diego artist  Adriano
  • Music by Tenore Rosario Monetti and Soprano Rebecca Harris
  • Project Presentation by Giovanni Elia, M.D

Date: Thursday May 5, 2011
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Location:  The Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice
4311 Third Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

RSVP: Nicole Winfield (619) 278-6250 by April 28, 2011

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Fava Bean and Arugula Crostini

Janie Trayer

I can’t quite remember what I used to do for appetizers before I discovered crostini. They are just so versatile. The possibilities for toppings are endless. I’m all about cooking with the seasons and am excited with the changes that spring brings to the farmers’ market.

There’s a wonderful Italian couple who have a stand at my farmers’ market and for the past few weeks they’ve had fava beans. There’s a little bit of work involved with these beans and what seemed like a big bagful of beans in their pods, ends up being a small bowlful, but don’t let that stop you. (more…)

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Italian Have It All!

Laura Massoni

I have always wondered how our family of 5 and one on the way, can be so close to each other? My husband Michael and I have 3 children, a teenager, a tween and a toddler plus another one on the way. Since I was a child, I have wanted a big family and this is what happened to me…we increase easily! I think I got the record for Italy, with most children from an Italian woman. You need to know that Italy is the “oldest” country in the world and what I mean is that Italian women don’t have children anymore, maybe one and starting late! (more…)

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A Proclamation from the President Barack Obama

Francesco Bucci

We are honored to publish on our web site the message written by the President of the United States of America Barack Obama, on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy. A remarkable, meaningful message of Peace and, if possible, corroborated closeness between Italy and the United States of America.

This President seems to be a really good and smart man, doesn’t he?

Thank you Presidente! (more…)

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Unforgettable Prom

Julia Venelli

I have a friend, Taylor, she dances with me, she is working to be an actress, she is very pretty, she is 12 years old, she is awesome at school, she compete on horseback riding, she is very strong and brave, she had cancer and now she is two years cancer free … she is amazing!!

Taylor invited me to a very special “Prom”. There is a no-profit organization “Friends of Scott” who every year organizes something “special” for kids with cancer and cancer free. The “Unforgettable Prom” is one of these. (more…)

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Today is the 150th Anniversary of the “United States of Italy” Auguri Italia!!!

Francesco Bucci

I was a little child, getting ready for a remarkable piano exam, the “8th year,” a milestone in a young pianist’s career. Claudio Bini – a great young man, my teacher of music, of life, and of humility – made me take a one-time lesson with his own ex-teacher, Mrs. Caldi, an older, expert musician, to share some points of view about the level of my preparation.

A mild, mid-spring afternoon, in Pisa, a tender touch of breeze snuck in from the window in Mrs. Caldi’s home. I started playing the austere grand piano: Clementi. (more…)

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Janie Trayer

My grandmother was a wonderful cook. She spent countless hours in the kitchen preparing meals for her family, meals reminiscent of her homeland-Calitri, Italy. I loved everything that she made and at the time I didn’t really understand how special it was to have homemade bread. I just assumed that everyone had a nonna in the kitchen mixing, kneading and baking.

The bread my grandmother made was a big round, country-type loaf that she held under her arm as she sliced it. I was fascinated watching her draw the knife through the loaf and ladled extra sauce on my plate in anticipation of using the bread to sop it up. As much as I loved the bread that she served with meals, it was her foccacia that I craved. I’m not even sure she ever referred to it as foccacia, but thinking back, that’s exactly what it was. (more…)

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Save the Date! DUCATI MotoGP Night in Bologna

Laura Massoni

When I turned 14, I wanted to copy my older brother and own a MOTO. Because I am a girl, the Ducati size was too big and I was too young so I opted for a 50 cylinder Motocross…that was still too big for me!  I remember stopping at traffic lights and have trouble keeping it straight. During motorcycle season I would love watching parts of the MotoGP races on TV and dream of going as fast as those guys racing in front of my eyes. More than anything I loved the bikes, the color, and how cool those guys looked. (more…)

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Tuscany on a Moped

Sage Russel

The wind whistles up and the air warms each time we crest another hill. Occasionally, drops of rain sting as they sprinkle down from fast moving silver clouds high above us. We are hunched over a moped, buzzing along, alone on the winding roads of Tuscany. Long sun shadows glide across the hills which show all shades of tan and brown. The tan is perhaps hay, and the brown is rough, upturned earth, ready for a new season of planting. The steeper slopes are green vines, heavy with grapes. The moped provides a proximity and pace that are an ideal way to take in both the patchwork overview and the bright details that make Tuscany so vivid. (more…)

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